Custom Beveled
Glass Designs

Beveled glass is typically made from ¼” float glass.  Although beveled glass is usually clear, colored glass can also be used for beveled glass pieces.  Each piece has the edges ground to angles on special glass grinding machines. Often these bevels are ½” to 1” wide slanted edge and produce a prism effect when in direct sunlight.  After grinding the edges, each piece is painstakingly polished to complete clarity and brilliance. This technique is extremely time-consuming, but the final product can be quite stunning.  Beveled glass is often pre-cut sizes of glass such as rectangles, squares, diamond shapes, circle bevels, half circle bevels, oval bevels, faceted bevels, coloured bevels.

Complete packages (kits) of beveled glass can be purchased for very interesting designs which are used in door panel inserts, side lights, hanging window panels etc.  Often these beveled glass kits (clusters) contain many pieces of glass which make up a pattern.  Adding bevels to a window can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Beveled Glass