Total Eclipse Glass endeavours to offer our clients, services which include: window restoration, new panel construction, window/door inserts and custom artistic window accents.  We also devote time to allow our creative side to express itself in the variety of fused glass items we offer.  We are always interested in working with clients and designing a piece uniquely suited to them.  Some people have an idea of what they like or want but need a little help finalizing the design.  Whether it be stained glass or fused glass, we have what it takes to deliver a quality product you will be delighted with.

We offer both copper foil and lead came construction techniques as the design allows.  Strength, quality workmanship and good panel design are all paramount as our reputation and code of ethics mandates “we do it right”.  Good panel design can be both beautiful as well as functional.  It is however, critical to have good panel design to achieve maximum panel life and longevity.  Poor design and workmanship can drastically reduce the life of the piece and necesitate the early restoration of the piece.  Using good design and construction techniques with the best materials available will ensure your windows, panels or inserts last for many years to come.  Windows and door inserts when constructed “right”, can last for decades.

We promise “to do it right”.


We have a full-time lampworker who creates unique handcrafted glass beads that we use to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. Each piece is unique and no two pieces are exactly the same. We use imported Italian glass to create each bead which is often infused with pure silver to create stunning unique beads.

We also create one-of-a-kind sterling silver and copper jewelry which includes rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Some of our pieces are made out of fine silver (.999 pure silver) and gold for those who want the best.

Each precious/semi-precious gemstone is selected with great care to enhance the design of the piece. We only purchase the highest quality gemstones/cabochons we can find. The quality of the stones chosen truly sets our jewelry apart from others in the market place.

We love making jewelry and this passion is reflected in each piece we make. We take great care to make sure each piece is unique and beautiful.

Areas of Expertise